Why The Insurance Company is Playing Hardball With You After an Auto Accident

by | Jun 9, 2015

You’ve been in a car accident, but the insurance company of the person who hit and injured you (let’s call him or her “the defendant”) is refusing to make you any offer to compensate you. Or the insurance company is making an offer, but it’s only for a tiny amount. Why is the insurance company treating you unfairly?

Remember that the insurance company of the wrongdoer has little incentive to treat you fairly. That insurance company has no relationship to you, and has every reason to want to pay as little money as possible. But there are several recurring reasons that we see a lot, for why the insurance company may be offering you little or no money. The insurance company is likely to say that:

  • It wasn’t the defendant’s fault.
  • It was the other defendant’s fault.
  • The defendant was negligent, but so were you.
  • Your injuries were caused by a different accident, before this one.
  • You were in another accident not long after this one, and your current complaints stem from the later accident.
  • The damage to your vehicle is minor, which “proves” that you couldn’t have been hurt very badly.
  • You took a long time after the accident to go seek medical attention, so you weren’t that seriously injured, or something else injured you after the car accident.
  • Your treatment was spotty, e.g., you missed a lot of doctor’s appointments, so you must not have been that badly hurt, or your failure to take care of yourself is why you’re in pain now.
  • Your injury is imaginary. (This is most common in a case where it’s very difficult to observe the injury, such as a brain injury case.)

In many cases, you will need the help of an attorney to force the insurance company to act reasonably. If you have been injured in an automobile collision and would like legal representation to help you deal with an insurance company, contact the personal injury attorneys at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C., for a free consultation.

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