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Federal Officials Give Green Light on Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Technology

By: Allan Siegel

On Monday February 3, Federal officials from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced plans to move forward with vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology. Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication – referred to as v2v – is an innovative technology slated to change the future of the auto industry. If DOT's plan to implement v2v in all new cars and light vehicles is successful, public roads and highways throughout the nation may also become much safer.

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According to DOT officials, v2v technology utilizes a system that features transponders and a dedicated radio spectrum much like Wi-Fi. The system is capable of communicating a car's speed, direction, and location to other cars equipped with v2v technology at up to 10 times per second. In the event of a potential collision, vehicles would be able to alert drivers. Some advanced systems may also automatically slow the vehicle in order to avoid an accident.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is a significant step toward the next generation of traffic safety. Under DOT's proposed plans, manufacturers would be required to install v2v technology on all new cars and most light vehicles and trucks. Although it may take some time before v2v becomes commonplace, DOT has stated that the technology could prevent up to 80% of traffic crashes that don't involve mechanical defects or impaired drivers.

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