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Bus Stop Safety

By: Allan M. Siegel

As the days get shorter and especially until daylight savings ends, we need to be extra careful when we send our little ones off to the bus stop. This week the sun will not be rising until about 7:30, but after daylight savings ends the sun will rise at about 6:30. We should always teach our kids proper bus stop safety, but our awareness should be heightened when they are walking to the bus stop in the dark. When drivers cannot properly see our children, we need to teach them to be proactive about their own safety. Below is a helpful list on proper bus stop safety.

Bus Stop Safety

· When walking in the dark, wear shoes, clothing, or a backpack with reflective stripes.

· Always walk on the sidewalk. Never in the street.

· When there is no sidewalk, walk a safe distance from the road in the direction facing traffic.

· Always arrive at the bus stop five minutes early. Never dart across traffic or run after the bus to try to catch up.

· While waiting for the bus, stay a safe distance from the road.

· When the bus arrives, wait for the flashing lights to turn on and the stop sign to fully extend before walking towards the bus.

· When exiting the bus doors if you drop something on the ground or leave something behind, tell the driver before you bend down to retrieve your item or step back on the bus. Otherwise the bus driver may not be able to properly see you.

· When entering and exiting the bus, stay away from the wheels of the bus.

· Never speak to strangers while you wait for the bus or after you exit the bus. If a stranger tries to speak to you, immediately tell a parent or teacher.