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Are Our Teenagers Playing a Deadly Game for Fun?

A recent video about the "Knockout Game" recently went viral on YouTube, exposing the horrific details of this teenage "game" for the world to see. Teenagers openly admit to playing this new game because they want to prove their strength or they simply have nothing better to do.

The game involves walking up to a random stranger or even friend and punching them so hard they are immediately knocked out. Syracuse and Jersey City have experienced frequent reports of teenagers playing this game. No one is safe, mothers with their children, teachers, delivery people, and the homeless have all been targeted in the knockout game.

Deadly Knockout Game

So far, five deaths have been reported, one victim was a man walking home with his wife from the grocery store. The viral video shows surveillance video of these attacks followed by interviews of teenagers openly laughing and boasting about the game. One young girl explained that people just "go to sleep" after they get punched. The brutal reality, however, is that this game is an assault or even a homicide. Even when it does not end it death, the victims often experience traumatic brain injuries, which will have debilitating life-long effects.

After seeing such a video, we should all ask ourselves what can be done. One area in particular to address is what is happening in our schools. Knowledge of this new game and its spreading popularity suggests that kids could be learning, practicing, or even playing it in school or on school grounds. If this is the case, then school districts should be proactive in organizing a campaign against it, disciplinary measures, and methods to detect its presence within the school. School campaigns against drinking and driving, drugs, and texting while driving are proven to have a positive an impact on our young people.

The assailants who were identified have been charged with assault and in some cases manslaughter. Do you think their parents or their schools should be taking proactive measures or should also be held responsible in any way? Let us know in the comments below or on our facebook page.