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The Top Three Myths About Personal Injury Attorneys

We've learned many people have preconceived notions regarding the need for a personal injury lawyer. So to help answer some questions, we've formulated a list of the top three myths about personal injury attorneys:

1. I can do this on my own. I don't need to hire an attorney.

You can - but why would you, when you can hire an attorney, and it won't cost you anything unless you win. (see 2 below).

2. It's too expensive, I'm unable to afford one.

Most personal injury attorneys work on contingency fees, which means there are no up-front costs to handling your case. At our firm, we front the costs of litigation, and we only get paid an attorney’s fee if we win your case. However, you may be responsible to pay court costs and litigation in the event you do not win. Our attorneys can discuss our fee arrangements in detail when you reach out for more information.

3. The insurance adjuster seems so nice, I am sure they will be fair.

Insurance adjusters make a living minimizing the exposure of their insurance company. They may seem nice now - because that is their job. They try to make you feel comfortable, so you trust them. They hope you don't hire a lawyer, so that when it comes time to settle your case, you don't know what you are entitled to or what you deserve. Don't be fooled- call a lawyer.

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