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Washington D.C. Generates Millions of Dollars From Speed Cameras - Does this make you angry?

traffic cameras

Anyone who drives in the District of Columbia has likely received the unwelcomed envelope from the District of Columbia government which contains a speeding ticket. These speeding cameras are all over the city. In June 2012 the City added 25 new ones, and I have seen more new ones popping up recently.

The cameras are located all over the District, and the speed limits in those areas range from 25 to 40 mph. Maryland drivers should be especially aware. Unlike Maryland's speed cameras, the District does not set a buffer speed between the legal limit and the speed for a citation. In Maryland, a driver needs to exceeding the law by 12 m.p.h. or more before a citation is issued. The District of Columbia has not disclosed how their cameras are programmed.

District of Columbia officials say that they choose the locations for the cameras based on reports of injuries and accidents, as well as based on complaints they get regarding people driving at safe speeds. Click here for a full list of D.C. camera locations, which also appears on the police department's web site.

So, are you angry that these cameras are all over the city, and are costing drivers millions of dollars in fines, or do you think they make our city roads safer? Let us know what you think.