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California New Law Regarding Texting - Safe or Not?

texting while driving

California recently passed a new law that allows drivers to text while driving so long as the driver does not use their fingers. This new law is an amendment to a 2009 law that banned texting while driving. The new law allows you to use software that would allow you to dictate texts, or listen to incoming text, while the device reads the text to the driver.

The question is whether even allowing to a person to do this, is too much distraction. Anything that potentially takes your eyes off the road, even for second, cause serious injuries or even fatalities.

The law firm currently has a case where a driver was distracted while plugging her cell phone charger into the lighter. The driver ran off the road, and struck our client's husband who was walking along the side of the road, resulting in his death. These kind of tragedies could be avoided if people were not fidgeting with the devices while driving. What do you think? Is California's law safe?