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Tips for Practicing Defense Driving

The road and highways around the Washington, D.C. Metro area can be difficult to maneuver and sometimes downright dangerous. As such, defensive driving can be one of the safest choices you can make. Defensive driving allows you to better protect yourself and avoid car accidents, though there is nothing you can do to change the behavior of the drivers around you on the road.

The key to defensive driving is being prepared. Before you even start your car, be sure you know where you are going. Type the address into GPS, if you need, before you get on the road. Put your phone on silent or connect to your Bluetooth. Once you are one the road, be sure you are always looking at least three seconds down the road ahead of you. Be conscious of your surroundings by scanning the road repeatedly, looking to both sides and in each mirror. Always keep both hands on the wheel, in case you need to make a sudden maneuver if a deer, child, or other obstruction jumps out in front of you. Anticipate troubles, such as a car that might suddenly change lanes or someone who may pull out in front of you. Once you have anticipated an issue, prepare by moving your foot from the gas to the break. When you anticipate troubles you should also plan for an "out." This means never locking yourself in the path of oncoming danger, such as locking yourself in a lane with cars on either side of you when you think a driver in front of you is likely to suddenly cut into your lane. These tips are just the beginning of defensive driving techniques. Every driver should consider taking defensive driving courses to help ensure that the streets are safer for all of us.

Although defensive driving can protect your safety, accidents, by their very nature, are sometimes unavoidable and unpreventable. In the event that you, your loved one, or someone you care about is injured in a car accident caused by the negligence or carelessness of another motorist – or even defective roadways and auto products – you have the legal right to recover your damages by filing a personal injury claim. At Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. our Washington, DC personal injury attorneys are here to guide injured auto accident victims and their families through each stage of the personal injury claim process. Allow our legal team to review your case and explain precisely how we can help you recover the compensation you rightfully deserve.