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Government Designs New Programs To Catch Drivers Texting Behind The Wheel

U.S. Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, recently released news of a new government program that will helps specific states implement and conduct "high-visibility anti-texting enforcement programs."  Demonstration programs in Syracuse, New York and Hartford, Connecticut found that it was very difficult for police officers to actually catch drivers who are texting behind the wheel.  The phones are often held below window level and are not visible to patrolling officers.  The demonstration programs revealed that only five percent of citations issued were actually for texting violations, despite the suspected prevalence of texting behind the wheel.  Rather, the majority of the violations were issued to drivers who were actually speaking on the phone while driving.  These drivers' actions of holding their hands directly up to their ears and speaking can be easily spotted by police officers.  Thirty nine states have now instituted bans on texting while driving and ten states now prohibit all use of a handheld cell phone.  The Transportation Secretary stated that "we have come a long way in our fight against distracted driving, but there is still much work to be done."  He went on say that "texting behind the wheel is especially dangerous, which is why we're working with states like Connecticut and Massachusetts to address this important safety issue."  These two states have been identified as the initial states to receive grants and implement the program.  They will be using real-world anti-texting protocols such as, spotters on overpasses, stationary patrols, and roving patrols.  The program will last for a 24 month period, and the states will document their findings to help other states implement similar programs.