Partner Ira Sherman quoted in “Playing it Safe – Are Concussions Ruining Sports?”

by | Apr 8, 2013

The April 2013 Washington Lawyer’s Magazine featured a cover story “Playing it Safe- Are Concussions Ruining Sports?” The primary article repeatedly quoted, Partner Ira Sherman.

For example, he stated, “What the NFL litigation will bring is the new consciousness across the spectrum of the sport, all the way down to the children playing”. He goes on, “Depending on the outcome of the case, there may be a greater duty on the individuals operating the activities to require them to be cognizant of the individuals playing”.

Ira Sherman handles brain injury cases and emphasizes the “gladiator attitude” of the players. But he also believes the team’s doctors who have a duty to ensure the safety of their patients.

The article quoted further: “Players Want t0 go to Work,” says the Chaikin Sherman managing partner. “The gladiator in them needs to be managed and modulated by those who have the ability to exercise good judgment. The doctor is not a flowerpot. He should stand up and provide a clear opinion if there is any concern that the player shouldn’t perform.”

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