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Roadcheck Results

Operation Roadchecks is an annual program during which safety inspections are performed on any and every truck possible on the road throughout a 72 hour period.  Earlier this month, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance released the results of the study.  This year a record 74,072 vehicles were inspected.  The overall safety of the vehicles on the road, however, showed very poor statistics.  One in five vehicles had to be placed out of service for violations.  It should be noted that the dates for the program were announced in advanced.  Many within the industry suspect that already hazardous or unsafe vehicles were pulled off the road during the pre-announced period.  The vehicles that were inspected are likely the ones that the trucking companies deemed to be safe.  Many of the violations were related to falsified log books and brake system related issues.  While is essential for the industry to continue with programs, such as this one, that may foster and improve safety, it is also frightening to know just how dangerous that massive tractor trailer driving next to us on the highway really is.