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Is the D.C. Rush Hour the Worst Ever?

The numbers have not been calculated yet, but the answer is probably yes.  Our area always sees a spike in commute time as the summer ends and September hits.  The kids go back to school, and millions of people start new routines.  The delays that have been experienced at the beginning of this month though, have been rather outrageous.  Last summer, between June and July the daily delay per traveler dropped by 18%, but in September the delay jumped back up by 27%.  It is expected that this summer's jump in percentage will be even more drastic.  Over the summer people may move, change workplaces, or attend new schools.  People are traveling from different areas and taking new routes.  Not only does this mean that some roads will be more congested than they were before, but people will also be unsure of the new routes they are traveling.  While rise in congestion may result in more accidents, there also other issues to be especially aware of this time of year.  The sun can dramatically affect traffic speeds and pose safety hazards.  Employees who live west of their workplace will have the sun in their eyes both to and from work.  As the sun sits closer to horizon during rush hour, this can create blinding conditions.  Also, when daylight savings starts people will be driving in the dark.  There is often an adjustment period of a few weeks as people become accustomed to darkness and headlights.  This is another ripe period for more accidents.  Please be mindful of the changing conditions during this Fall season and safety plan accordingly.