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How To Protect Your Baby From Injury

When we bring a newborn into our home, we love, care and protect the infant as best we can. Nevertheless, dangers lurk where we may least expect. Here is some food (baby) for thought:

  1. Car Safety. Verify your baby car seat is installed correctly. Rear-facing is required for small infants and remains best until age and size dictate a forward-facing installation. Never place your young child in the front seat. Middle of the back seat is best. Remember, car seats work in airplanes too.
  2. Do not get distracted and leave your baby alone in your car, as extreme temperatures can be deadly.
  3. Sleeping. Place you baby on his or her back for sleeping, in a crib that does not present risk of head and neck entrapment. Remove unnecessary dangers, such as plush toys and soft bumpers.
  4. Purchase and use a monitor to alert you to crying or interruption of normal breathing.
  5. Fall hazards. Install a baby gate at any stairs.
  6. Refrain from lying down with your baby in your bed or on a couch.
  7. Carry your beloved with two arms or in a strong and secure child carrier.
  8. Keep small objects and toys with small parts away from your baby. As he or she starts to crawl, pay attention to objects on the floor, such as coins, paperclips and bobby pins.
  9. Do not leave your baby alone in the tub- ever. Even two inches of water can cause death by drowning or other serious injury .
  10. Restrict access to pool areas and bodies of water. Early swim lessons promote water safety and will reduce anxiety for you and your growing child.
  11. An adjustable roof on your baby carriage should be positioned to minimize sunburn risk, but light complexions also need sunscreen. Sun rays can be intensified by auto glass, so be mindful of sunburn even while driving.