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NFL Football Players Sue the NFL and Helmet Manufacturers

Over a 100 former professional football players filed suit in California against the NFL and several helmet manufacturers. The complaint alleges that the brains of deceased former NFL players, examined after their death, revealed that the condition of their brain were the same as those found in punch-drunk boxers. Additionally, researchers have found that players who have had multiple concussions are more likely to be diagnosed with depression. Despite repeated denial over the course of almost two decades, in June 2010 the NFL acknowledged that concussions can lead to dementia, memory loss and other abnormalities of the brain effecting function. The complaint also alleges that all of the defendants had knowledge that multiple blows to the head can lead to long-term brain injury including memory loss, dementia, depression, and other functional impairments. Nevertheless, the Plaintiffs assert, the NFL and other defendants failed to warn and protect NFL players from the risks of long-term brain injury associated with football-related concussions. The complaint is a fascinating expose of the failure of the NFL and the helmet manufacturers to warn the players and/or protect them from the long-term effects of concussions.