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Arbitration - An Alternative to Trial

Partner Allan M. Siegel had three successful arbitrations in the last thirty days.  Arbitration is an alternative to trial. If two parties cannot agree on the value of a case, they sometimes agree to submit the case to a neutral third party, such as a retired Judge, or another experienced lawyer in the community, and then let that person make the decision.  Very often, there will be an agreed upon high, which is the most you would get, and an agreed upon low which is the least you would get.  The arbitrator is not told what the high and the low are.   For example, if the high was $100,000 and the low was $20,000, the Plaintiff could not get more than a $100,000 or less than $20,000.  In that example, if the arbitrator awarded $80,000, a number between the high and the low - then the client would get $80,000.  However, if the award was $120,000, then the client would only get $100,000.  Similarly, if the award was $15,000, the client would still get $20,000.  The arbitration decisions are final and are not appealable. 

Mr. Siegel grossed $220,000 in the three most recent arbitrations.  All of the awards were at or near the highs.  He has two more arbitrations coming up in the next 60 days, with the potential to win another $450,000 on behalf of his clients