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What is consumer fraud?

Fraud is a concept that relates to being misled into doing something that you would otherwise not have done but for the purposeful and intentional actions or words that led you to believe a particular set of facts were true when, in fact, they were always known to be untrue by the actor or the speaker. Consumer fraud is being misled into agreeing to purchase an item or services from another individual based on statements made that were false and known to have been false at the time they were made, with the expectation that they would be relied upon and the product or the services would be purchased in reliance on the false statement. For instance, if an individual wanted to buy a new automobile and is told by the salesperson that an automobile is new, when the salesperson knew the entire time that it was in fact a previously used automobile, and the consumer purchased the automobile, believing it was new, he would have purchased that vehicle on the basis of consumer fraud. The purchase would have been made in reliance of the salesperson's misstatement that the automobile was new although the salesperson knew it was and believed that the consumer would believe the untruthful statement and then purchase the automobile. Similarly, if a construction contractor or any other professional represents that they are licensed or insured knowing that this statement is false and you rely on that fact in hiring them, then they would have been guilty of consumer fraud.

The lawyers at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. had successfully filed consumer fraud cases. The laws of consumer fraud and protection vary within the three local jurisdictions of the District of Columbia, Maryland Virginia. Accordingly, it is important that you seek out lawyers experienced in consumer fraud if you suspect that you have been victimized by it.

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