Who can be held responsible – you don’t have to be driving the car to be responsible of negligent driving.

by | Jan 6, 2011

Mot only are operators of vehicles or other agents responsible for their behavior, but individuals and corporations that employ the negligent party are also responsible for the negligent conduct of their driver. The law imposes a duty on the employer and others to assure that they select competent personnel and that they are adequately trained and supervised. The law demands that the employee not be held solely responsible for his negligence because at the time of the negligent act, the employee was acting for the benefit for the employer. Similarly, if someone is acting as the agent of another individual, (that could mean simply running an errand to pick up a container of milk from the store) they are almost always also responsible for the acts of their agent. So, the easy to way to understand this is that the law imposes a duty on anybody that supervises another- whether they are an employer, employee or agent of the other individual, are deemed legally responsible for the negligence of the driver.

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