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Keeping Our Children Safe

We all want to keep our children safe and secure and knowing how to prevent leading causes of child injury is a step towards this goal. Surprisingly, falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries for all children ages 0-19. Approximately 8,000 children are daily treated in U.S. emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. That is almost 2.8 million children each year! Many falls can be prevented and parents and caregivers play a key role in protecting children.

Supervision of young children is key to avoiding falls and protecting children from fall hazards such as stairs and playground equipment. It is also our responsibility to assure our children wear protective gear when playing sports such as wrist guards, kneepads and helmets when engaged in activities such as inline skating, hockey or bike riding. We have an obligation to use home safety devices such as stair gates and guardrails. If necessary, protect your children from falling out of windows by locking the windows in a way that the child cannot unlock it or by taking other protective measures.

Fire and scalding water pose a terrible threat to young children. To keep kids safer from burns caused by fire, install and maintain smoke alarms in your home.

Drownings can happen quickly and quietly but installing fences around the pool or constantly assuring that our children are supervised when in or around water will help minimize this risk.

Poisoning by everyday household products can also be a cause of injury or death. Keep medicines and toxic products, such as cleaning solutions locked in child-proof cabinets.

Finally, when in your car, always use child safety seats, booster seats and seatbelts depending on your child's age and weight.