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Defensive Driving Class and Other Ways to Reduce Your Automobile Insurance

GEICO and perhaps other insurance carriers will reduce your automobile insurance rate by approximately 10% if you sign up for an online defensive driving class and successfully complete it. Everyone should contact their automobile insurance carrier and find out whether they will give you a reduced rate if you successfully complete this course. While you are at it, make sure that you are receiving all of the discounts that you are entitled to, such as safe driving discounts. A rather little known way to substantially reduce your automobile insurance is if your child goes away to college. We all know that our children, when they turn 16, are eligible to drive an automobile. At that time, through age 25, insurance rates skyrocket for them. However, and your child is not home all or part of the year, if you notify your insurance company of the reduced amount of time that your child is actually home and has his own vehicle to drive, the automobile insurance rate for that child will drop dramatically. Check it out, you have nothing to lose!