Poet’s Corner- “The Road to Recovery”

by | Mar 4, 2010

The Road to Recovery may seem lonely and bleak . . it may leave you weak and filled with defeat.

The Road to Recovery may be confusing with bursts of sunshine and valleys of darkness. . . with seconds of relief and days of pain.

The Road to Recovery may be confused with weakness and misunderstood as anger . . . even though your only wish is for a smile, if even for the meanwhile.

So you grunt and bear it and live with the pain.

You follow doctor’s orders and hope that tomorrow will not be the same.

You put on a smile to hide the pain.

You wish every day that the Road will not be in vain – that you will overcome and regain your reign.

Yes, the Road to Recovery can be tough, but hang in there, persevere, and have no fear . . . for one day you will greet the world and realize that the pain you once felt has DISAPPEARED!!

By Ebony M. Robinson, Esq.

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