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How to Stop Drunk Drivers- Utilize the "Dram Shop Liability"

We are all aware that individuals that drive intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol are liable for the damages that they cause to individuals because of their negligence. Drunk drivers may not have enough insurance to compensate an individual for the catastrophic injuries frequently caused as a result of their careless behavior. When a corporation or another responsible person owns the vehicle driven by the drunk driver, it is usually possible to collect the insurance from of the owner of the vehicle or the person for whom the drunk driver was working. However, there may be another available alternative. There may be an opportunity to sue a bar for serving individuals who are already visibly intoxicated. A decision by a bartender to continue to serve a visibly intoxicated individual can result in liability to the bar for the careless behavior of the bartender. This is called " Dram Shop Liability ". Accordingly, if you or a loved one was injured, or a loved one was killed, as the result of the actions of a drunk driver, you should call the Washington D.C. trial lawyers at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. for a free consultation to determine who can be held responsible for the injuries and damages sustained.