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District Court Practice

More personal injury cases are being brought in the District Courts of Maryland . The District Courts in Maryland handle civil cases, like lawsuits for injuries, with a value below $30,000.00. Filing auto accident cases in these Courts brings a number of advantages for our clients in the form of a substantial decrease in the expense and time in getting the case to trial.

The savings realized in expenses are seen in that is it less expensive to file a lawsuit, no depositions are allowed without a Court Order, and doctors do not have to be called to testify concerning our client's medical treatment. Not having to pay a doctor to come to court to testify saves $1,500 -- $3,000 for each doctor. Of course, since each client is responsible for the costs of bringing their case in Court, all of these cost savings benefit our client because the money saved increases the money in the client's pocket at the end of the case.

There is also a substantial decrease in the time it takes to get the case to the ultimate end point: trial. When a lawsuit is filed in District Court, a trial date is immediately assigned for 90 days after the lawsuit was filed. Most times, that trial date is postponed. However, most cases are completed within six months of the lawsuit filing. This is a significant time-savings from a case filed in one of the other Courts in Maryland, where a case may not get to trial for 18 months after a lawsuit is filed.

by Steven H. Kaminski, Esq.