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Ceiling Fall Down and Wrongful Eviction Case

Our client repeatedly complained about the safety of the ceiling in her apartment. She notified the landlord that the ceiling leaked when it rained but the landlord failed to properly repair the ceiling. Our client was putting a pot to catch the water under the ceiling when a portion of the ceiling collapsed and hit her on the head and neck. Our client suffered, among other things, a closed head injury from the portion of the drywall that hit her on the head.

Thereafter, the landlord evicted the family wrongfully despite the fact that the family had paid its rent. The landlord accomplished this objective by filing papers in the Court identifying the tenant by a fictitious name, and, since that person did not exist they did not appear for the Court appearances and the Court issued an eviction order. The U.S. Marshalls mistook our clients for the fictitious tenant and our clients were wrongfully evicted along with their two children, one of whom was pregnant.

The law firm filed a complaint alleging that the defendant violated the District of Columbia Consumer Protection Act. Shortly thereafter the defendants requested mediation. The case settled for $550,000. It is noteworthy that because there was no insurance, all the money came out of the pocket of the landlord.