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The Number One Complaint About Lawyers

People love to talk about legal issues in the news, cases and verdicts they have heard about, the latest laws passed by Congress or proposed by the President, and lawyers these friends and family may have encountered in their life or business. However, when I speak with people about lawyers and the law, the number one complaint I hear over and over again is that lawyers are often very difficult people to get hold of on the phone.

I understand why this number one complaint can be quite annoying to clients.

Our firm understands this as well. That is why we have a long-standing policy at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, that we return phone calls from our clients within 24 hours. Further, we try to be proactive with phone calls and contact with clients. We will often call clients if we know the client is scheduled for a medical procedure or just to ask if they are doing well. I think this simple, but important, policy is one of the many things that set us at this firm apart from the other lawyers and law firms. And from what we hear from our clients, they appreciate it as well.

by Steven H. Kaminski, Esq.