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Washington Post Becomes an Ally in Firm's Fight for Justice

On September 3, 2007 the Washington Post ran an editorial entitled "Blind Injustice." The Post editorial is consistent with the position of this law firm regarding the District of Columbia's decision to send a bill to people that were injured as a result of their negligence. The Washington Post has argued that billing abused individuals in the group home system, which houses developmentally disabled wards of the District of Columbia, or, mentally ill patients of the St. Elizabeth's Hospital is wrong. The Post editorial opines that the District of Columbia's current effort to bill our client more than $2.2 million for the "care" provided to him is wrong. During the time that they were supposed to care, they instead freed the demons that they knew were crying out for release permitting him to tear his eyes out. Our client repeatedly advised the District of Columbia doctors and they well knew of the risks of doing exactly what their staff did. Those risks should have been protected. We agree with the Washington Post that Mr. Harris should not now be billed for the "care" the District of Columbia failed to provide. Click here to see the September 3, 2007 Washington Post editorial entitled, "Blind Injustice."

by Ira Sherman