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  • WABA 2018 Bicyclists' Choice Awards

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 9-Feb-2018

    By: Ashley Page This year it was our pleasure to attend and support the Washington Area Bicyclists Association ( WABA ) 2018 Bicyclists’ Choice Awards. WABA is a vital organization to the bicyclist community in our region. Its advocacy has helped bring more protected bike lanes and bike commuting routes to the DC metro area, and it even worked tirelessly to help change the outdated ...
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  • Allan M. Siegel, Ashley Page Present WABA Bicycle Crash Workshop

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 30-Jan-2018

    On January 17 th, Partner Allan M. Siegel and Associate Ashley Page presented at the Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s (WABA) workshop “What to Do After a Bike Crash.” This is the second time that Attorneys Siegel and Page have presented this workshop to Washington, D.C. metro area bicyclists. After a bicycle crash, your adrenaline may be flowing or you may be in shock. ...
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  • DC Law Provides Special Protection to Pedestrians and Bicyclists Injured in Motor Vehicle Collisions

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 6-Nov-2017

    By: Allan M. Siegel The District of Columbia – like Maryland and Virginia – operates under an old and often harsh legal rule called “contributory negligence.” This means that if you are injured by someone else’s negligence, if you bore any responsibility for the incident – even if the wrongdoer was much more at fault than you – then you are not legally ...
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  • Progress for Legal Protections of DC Pedestrians and Cyclists

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 18-Nov-2016

    By: Allan M. Siegel Mayor Bowser recently signed into law the much-anticipated Motor Vehicle Collision Recovery Act of 2016. The act will provide additional protections to the legal claims of pedestrians, cyclists and other ‘non-motorized users’ injured in a collision with a motor vehicle. ‘Non-motorized users’ include people on skateboards, non-motorized scooters, Segways, ...
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  • The Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 30-Sep-2016

    At the end of June the D.C. Council passed the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Amendment Act of 2016 by a unanimous vote. The act was signed by Mayor Muriel Bowser at the end of July and recently finished its 30 day period of Congressional review. This Act contains numerous changes that will make a positive impact on pedestrian and bicyclist protection laws. One of the most beneficial changes in the ...
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  • DC Council Passes Bill to End Contributory Negligence

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 26-Sep-2016

    On Tuesday, the DC Council voted unanimously to end contributory negligence, an unjust legal doctrine that prevents injured pedestrians and bicyclists from collecting compensation for injuries sustained in accidents if they are in any way at fault. The vote comes after three years of advocacy from organizations such as the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) and its supporters. As a WABA ...
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  • D.C. Council Delays Voting on Bill to Protect Pedestrians and Bicyclists in Civil Suits

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 7-Jul-2016

    By: Allan M. Siegel In motor vehicle collision and other personal injury lawsuits, the District of Columbia abides by the rule of contributory negligence. Under this rule, if the victim of an accident bears some responsibility for being injured – even much less responsibility than the person who actually hurt the victim – then the victim cannot recover any money at all in a lawsuit. At ...
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  • Is D.C. Council Set to Strike the Doctrine of Contributory Negligence for Bicyclists and Pedestrians?

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 28-Jun-2016

    By Allan M. Siegel Today, the D.C. Council will be voting to on a law which will make it easier to hold negligent drivers responsible when they cause injuries to bicyclists or pedestrians. Currently, the doctrine of contributory negligence holds that if a person who has suffered a personal injury is in any way at fault for the injury, then they are completely barred from recovering compensation ...
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  • Bicyclist Injuries on the Rise

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 14-Oct-2015

    By: Allan M. Siegel Over the last few weeks bicyclist fatalities have made the news locally, including a bicyclist killed in Fairfax County and another in Bethesda. The Fairfax incident involved a bicyclist riding around 8 p.m. when he was struck from behind by an SUV. He was bicycling with a partner, but not wearing reflective clothing and did not have any lights on the bicycle. The Montgomery ...
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  • D.C. Ranks High in the Number of Commuters Who Walk and Bike to Work

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 27-May-2014

    By: Allan M. Siegel Washington D.C. and Baltimore were just named among the top 5 on a list of cities with the least courteous drivers on the road according to the 2014 study conducted by AutoVantage, a roadside assistance service. So how can we beat the road rage and stay calm during our commutes? Fortunately, Washington, D.C. is also high on the list of commuters who choose to walk or bike ...
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  • Associate Matthew Tievsky Secures Settlement on Behalf of Injured Cyclist

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 5-May-2014

    Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. is proud to announce a recent successful case resulting in a settlement nearly four times the initial offer from the insurance company. In the case, Associate Attorney Matthew W. Tievsky represented a woman who was injured while riding her bicycle. A motor vehicle unexpectedly moved sideways into her lane of travel, striking her and throwing her to ...
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  • By: Allan Siegel Washington, DC Mayor Vincent Gray signed the Bicycle Safety Amendment Act of 2013 in October in an effort to make DC roadways safer for bicyclists. Since the act was passed, local officials and agencies have been working on campaigns to educate the public about the new laws. While understanding these new laws is essential for bicyclists who use public roads for commuting and ...
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  • By: Allan Siegel Swedish inventors have created an invisible bike helmet that is worn as a fashionable collar. The Hövding air bag collar system stemmed out of the inventors dislike for standard helmets. They, like many adults, did not wear standard helmets because they are bulky, uncomfortable, and ugly. After seven years of research and an investment of $15 million dollars, Terese Alstin ...
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  • By: Allan Siegel By now, any reasonable person should know that distracted driving places others in serious danger. While text messaging has earned its fair share of attention – with most states passing texting while driving bans – any activity that takes a motorist's attention away from the primary task of driving can be negligent and dangerous, including: Using a cell-phone or ...
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  • What Are the Consequences of Drinking While Biking in D.C.?

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 12-Dec-2013

    By: Allan Siegel Happy Hours are a staple in D.C., especially among the young professionals who flock to our nation's capital each year. D.C. is also an athletic city that is on the forefront of bicycle accessibility and safety, and when drinking and biking are combined, the consequences can be very dangerous. A new study recently released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ...
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  • How Dangerous is it to Ride a Bike in DC?

    Posted By CSCS || 21-Nov-2013

    Biking seems like such a great way to get around. For tourists, you can zip around between monuments and get to know the city like the locals. For commuters, you can save money on gas and fit in some exercise at the same time. But, riding a bike in Washington, D.C., should not be taken lightly. It can be very dangerous and often riders can end up suffering severe injuries. Each year, 1.5 % of ...
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  • New Bicycle Laws May Soon Hit D.C. Streets

    Posted By CSCS || 30-Oct-2013

    By: Allan Siegel Last week, Washington, D.C. Mayor Vince Gray signed the Bicycle Safety Amendment Act of 2013 and took a considerable step toward making public roadways safer for bicyclists. Under the Act, bicycle riders will be treated in much the same way as pedestrians. If congress approves the bill, the following measures could become law within the next month: Bicyclists will be permitted to ...
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