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  • California Jury Finds the Dodgers Liable in the Beating of Brian Stow

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 25-Jul-2014

    By: Ashley Page March 31, 2011, was the opening day for baseball season in Los Angeles. Bryan Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan, attended a game at the L.A. Dodger's stadium. As he was walking through the parking lot after the game, he was attacked by two Dodgers fans, Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood. Sanchez first approached Stow and struck him in the head from behind. Stow was a paramedic, ...
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  • Are Our Teenagers Playing a Deadly Game for Fun?

    Posted By CSCS || 27-Nov-2013

    A recent video about the "Knockout Game" recently went viral on YouTube, exposing the horrific details of this teenage "game" for the world to see. Teenagers openly admit to playing this new game because they want to prove their strength or they simply have nothing better to do. The game involves walking up to a random stranger or even friend and punching them so hard they are ...
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  • Assault and battery: what is the difference?

    Posted By Page1Admin || 13-Jan-2011

    Many people talk about assault and battery as if they were the same thing. An assault is an intentional act or a threat to cause physical harm to another person without consent of the other person. Actual contact is not necessary for there to be an assault, but it must appear to the person that the threat is made against that the person who is making the threat has the ability to carry it out and ...
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