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Blog Posts in June, 2016

  • CSCS Teams With Interim Class Counsel in DC Rabbi Voyeurism Case

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 29-Jun-2016

    By: Ira Sherman On June 14, 2016, the Superior Court of the District of Columbia issued an order outlining the future of civil claims filed against prominent Georgetown Rabbi Bernard “Barry” Freundel, who was taken into custody on October 14, 2014 and charged with 52 counts of voyeurism. Freundel, who pled guilty and was given a 6 ½ year sentence, secretly recorded numerous ...
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  • Is D.C. Council Set to Strike the Doctrine of Contributory Negligence for Bicyclists and Pedestrians?

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 28-Jun-2016

    By Allan M. Siegel Today, the D.C. Council will be voting to on a law which will make it easier to hold negligent drivers responsible when they cause injuries to bicyclists or pedestrians. Currently, the doctrine of contributory negligence holds that if a person who has suffered a personal injury is in any way at fault for the injury, then they are completely barred from recovering compensation ...
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  • Protecting Yourself with an Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Policy

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 23-Jun-2016

    By: Matthew Tievsky If you are injured in a motor vehicle collision, what can you do if the at-fault driver has no insurance? What can you do if the at-fault driver has insurance, but not enough to fully compensate you for your injuries? You can protect yourself ahead of time by purchasing a policy for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. An uninsured motorist policy covers you in the ...
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  • Why are Depositions Used in Auto Accident Cases?

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 21-Jun-2016

    By: Allan M. Siegel Depositions are oral examinations where lawyers for both sides (the plaintiff and defendant) are present and a record is made by a court reporter. The main goal for a deposition is to create a written record of the testimony of a witness under oath. After a car accident lawsuit is filed, a party to a case may take a deposition of anyone, whether or not that person is a party. ...
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  • Pedestrian Rights & Crosswalks

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 16-Jun-2016

    By: Matthew Tievsky If you are a pedestrian crossing the road in the District of Columbia, and a car hits you, whose fault is it? The answer is always going to depend on the unique circumstances of the collision, but D.C. sets a basic ground rule in its traffic regulations: A pedestrian has the right-of-way inside crosswalks, but cars have the right-of-way outside crosswalks. (Note that under D.C. ...
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  • Driverless Trucks are Soon to Be a Reality

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 14-Jun-2016

    By: Allan M. Siegel Driverless trucks may hit the road even sooner than driverless cars. The new technology, pioneered by San Francisco-based company OTTO, among other innovators, is paving the way for the future of trucking – 80,000 pound behemoths piloted by a computer instead of a human. Currently, shipping a load of cargo across the country costs around $4,500, with 75 percent of that ...
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  • Congress Considers Bill to Reform and Roll Back Trucking Regulations

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 10-Jun-2016

    By: Allan M. Siegel The House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee recently voted to send a transportation to the House that includes provisions to significantly reform federal trucking regulations. The new bill would roll back certain rules and block other measures intended to make trucks and roadways safer. Proposed changes include: Restoring Hours of Service rules to those in ...
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  • Metro Announces "Safetrack" Plan

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 6-Jun-2016

    By: Matthew Tievsky Metro has been repeatedly embarrassed lately by a series of safety failures that have left commuters questioning the viability of its railway system. Due to years of neglect, electrical fires, and other infrastructure-related issues, breakdowns have become common, leading to delays and, in some cases, series injuries to riders. To address these concerns – and in response ...
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  • Large Trucks Pose Risk of Deadly Underride Auto Accidents

    Posted By Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. || 1-Jun-2016

    By: Allan M. Siegel Makers of modern 18-wheelers and other large trucks are not doing enough to prevent a particularly deadly, but preventable, form of accidents. That was the conclusion reached at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Vehicle Research Center conference on “underride” crashes held last week in Virginia. Almost 90 policymakers, trucking industry ...
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