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  • Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel is pleased to announce that our firm was recently successful in securing an $850,000 settlement on behalf of several victims injured in a drunk driving accident. The accident involved a head-on collision that occurred when a drunk driver drove his car across the center line and struck our clients' vehicle.

    One of our clients suffered a fractured rib and another suffered a concussion. All of their injuries have resolved. Our third client experienced a serious neck injury that required multiple surgeries. We were also successful in working to obtain lifetime workers' compensation benefits for him.

    Partner Joseph Cammarata and our legal team were successful in securing for our clients the compensation they deserved for their injuries. We also helped them obtain a sense of justice knowing that the negligent drunk driver was held accountable for his actions.

    At Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, our goal in every case is to help injured victims through difficult times and to obtain the justice and complete compensation they rightfully deserve. Our many years of experience in personal injury law and our passion for helping victims rebuild their lives has allowed us to successfully resolve many personal injury cases, including this recent car accident claim.

    If you've suffered harm through no fault of your own, or have been injured in a drunk driving accident in the DC metro area, contact a Washington, DC car accident lawyer from our firm for a free consultation.

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