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  • Immediately after a car accident, victims are often disoriented, stressed, and anxious. Some people are immediately apologetic, simply because that's how they were raised and not because they did anything wrong. Others are stoic and say they are doing well or feel ok, even when they are in significant pain.

    Insurance adjusters are trained to capitalize on every piece of information they learn while investigating the accident. The main purpose of an insurance adjuster's job is to make money for the insurance company. Insurance companies are not worth billions of dollars because they give money away. The insurance adjuster looks out for the interests of the insurance company, not of the policy holder. This is an incredibly important point to remember when an insurance adjuster asks even innocent sounding questions.

    If the adjuster asks, "what did you do today?" they may be trying to evaluate the impact your injuries have had on your daily life. If they ask, "do you know how the recovery process works?" they may be trying to determine how much you know, so they can influence the decisions you make throughout the process. Their goal is to keep you talking so they can find fault or fraud, anything to keep the insurance company from paying out the money. They may even hit you with psychological questions like asking a young mother, "you can still care for your kids though, right?" When phrased in that way any mother would want to make it clear to the listener that her main priority is always taking care of her kids, but in this tricky situation it is important to admit that you need help so the costs of childcare or domestic help can be reimbursed.

    The best advice is to say as little as possible. Your lawyer can then determine the best way to communicate any necessary information, and of course will always be looking out for your interests only, never the bottom line and big pockets of the insurance company. For immediate assistance when dealing with insurance adjusters after an auto accident, contact a Washington, DC car accident lawyer from Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. today.

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