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  • The Top Three Myths About Personal Injury Attorneys

    Posted By chaikinandsherman || 31-May-2013

    We've learned many people have preconceived notions regarding the need for a personal injury lawyer. So to help answer some questions, we've formulated a list of the top three myths about personal injury attorneys:

    1. I can do this on my own. I don't need to hire an attorney.

    You can - but why would you, when you can hire an attorney, and it won't cost you anything unless you win. (see 2 below).

    2. It's too expensive, I'm unable to afford one.

    Most personal injury attorneys work on contingency fees - which means you don't pay them a fee unless you win. Most personal injury attorneys also offer free initial consultations.

    3. The insurance adjuster seems so nice, I am sure they will be fair.

    Insurance adjusters make a living minimizing the exposure of their insurance company. They may seem nice now - because that is their job. They try to make you feel comfortable, so you trust them. They hope you don't hire a lawyer, so that when it comes time to settle your case, you don't know what you are entitled to or what you deserve. Don't be fooled- call a lawyer.

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