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Blog Posts in September, 2012

  • Better Pay System For Truck Drivers

    Posted By bierachin || 26-Sep-2012

    Truck drivers often get a bad rap because collisions with tractor trailers can cause such tragic and fatal accidents. While many truck drivers do not properly follow safety regulations regarding maximum hours, breaks, and securement of cargo, many others are honest and contentious workers trying to earn a living for their families. Even for the latter category, however, the pay structure for truck ...
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  • Will the Police Report Help You in Court?

    Posted By bierachin || 19-Sep-2012

    Imagine that you're driving your car, and another driver negligently crashes into and hurts you. A police officer arrives at the scene, talks to both of you, looks at the vehicles and the scene, and concludes you are right. He writes a police report that faults the other driver. Later, you make a claim against the other driver, who lies and denies he was at fault. You file a lawsuit to prove ...
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