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  • The April 14, 2011 evening news on WRC-TV began with a report by Pat Collins concerning a tragic incident on a football practice field. Two coaches, on opposite ends of the practice field, selected their players to perform a play that resulted in propelling the fastest members of the team on a collision course with each other. The football players depended on their coaches as an airplane pilot would on an air traffic controller. The players, our clients, performed the play, as directed, perfectly but collided into one another at approximately midfield. One player wound up with a skull fracture and profound brain injury. Two other players received concussions but, nevertheless, significant brain injury.

    The next news story concerned the melee that took place at music award ceremony in Virginia.

    An apparent total lack of effective security resulted in a loss of crowd control. Pushing, shoving, fighting and throwing of objects took place.  Our client, an innocent bystander - the bartender - was struck in the eye by a flying bottle. He has now permanently lost the use of one eye.

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