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  • Student athletes for education opportunities, Inc., in partnership with the safe concussion outcome, recovery, & education (SCORE) program of the Children's National Medical Center and Howard University's Division of Allied Health Sciences, hosted a city wide conference on the issue of concussion and young athletes.  Partner Joseph Cammarata, also President of the Brain Injury Association of DC, was invited to speak at the conference.  Top brain injury professionals from the DC Metropolitan region participated in the conference.  Mr. Cammarata spoke about the circumstances under which a person could sustain a concussion, the symptoms or effects of a concussion, and steps which can be taken to prevent a concussion.  Mr. Cammarata also spoke about recent legislative efforts to protect youth/student athletes in the District of Columbia from a concussion.  Mr. Cammarata drafted legislation designed to protect such athletes.  The legislation is called the " Athletic Concussion Protection Act of 2011 ", and is pending before the D.C. Council.

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