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  • Fort Totten Metro Case Proceeds Forward

    Posted By Page1Admin || 26-Jul-2011

    The crash of two metro cars on the red line in June 2009 was a tragedy.  It killed nine people, and injured hundred others.  The tragedy has been aggravated by the fact that Metro has refused to take responsibility for its failures.  Discovery has revealed that Metro mixed parts from different manufacturers in the signals that detect that trains on the tracks.  Mixing these parts caused the signals to malfunction, resulting in the system failing to detect the train on the tracks when the collision occurred.  To make matters worse, Metro had data that showed that the signal was malfunctioning for five days before the incident but failed to do anything to fix it. 

    However, instead of compensating the families, some of who are struggling to get by without the incomes of the loved ones that they lost, Metro is dragging out the court case by trying to blame the manufacturers of the parts that Metro mixed.     We represent the family of one of the people who died in the crash.   We along with the other members of the Plaintiff's steering committee, have been aggressively pursuing the case, to ensure that all parties responsible for this tragedy are held accountable.   The trial is currently scheduled for February, 2012.

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