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  • It is unfortunate when you become injured as a result of someone else's carelessness.   It is also unfortunate that your daily routine is now altered due to doctor and physical therapy appointments.   However, even though it may be inconvenient and burdensome,  it is important that you seek proper medical treatment and follow through with your treatment plan.  

    Preliminarily, it is important to select a doctor that can treat your injuries.  When you meet with the doctor, you must first provide the doctor with a thorough history and advise the doctor of all bodily injuries (however minor the injury may be to you).   A history will allow the doctor to formulate a treatment plan and perform a proper evaluation and examination.   It is essential that you understand follow-through with the doctor's treatment plan.   While you are undergoing treatment, you should document your injuries and pain level and record when the pain increases and/or decreases and what activities causes the pain to fluctuate.  This information will be helpful to your doctor with regard to further, if any, treatment that may be needed.

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