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  • On November 3, 2004, Metro Train 703 collided with Metro Train 105 at the Woodley Park Zoo/Adams Morgan station in Washington, D.C. Train 703 was travelling outbound on the red line going uphill between Woodley Park Zoo/Adams Morgan and the Cleveland Park underground stations when it began to roll backward. It then struck Train 105 at a speed of approximately 36 mph. Train 703 wasn't carrying any passengers but Train 105 had approximately 70 passengers on board. Of those, approximately 20 people were taken to local hospitals. Property damage approximated $3.5 million. The National Transportation and Safety Board investigated this collision and found that "[t]he last car of Train 703 sustained damage that was vastly disproportionate to that sustained by the lead car of Train 105. The car body structure of car 105 in-board collision post failed which demonstrates a fundamental fail in the crashworthiness structural design in the 1000-series car body." The National Safety Board concluded the failure of the car body under-frame of the 1000-series Metrorail cars make them susceptible to telescoping and "potentially subject to a catastrophic compromise of the occupant survival space." The disaster that took place on June 22, 2009 was clearly foreseeable.

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