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  • Client slips and falls at Subway Sandwich Shop - Obtains settlement of $150,000
    Our client was entering a Subway Sandwich Shop, located in the Bowie Wal-Mart , when she slipped and fell on soda which had spilled on the floor. The owner of the Subway Sandwich Shop denied responsibility, claiming that he had already cleaned up the spill. However. the law firm's investigation revealed two witnesses to this fall. One witness had seen the soda and reported it the store manager, who went into the backroom but never came back to clean it up. The other witness heard the manager yell at another employee, after our client fell - "I thought I told you to clean that up." Partner Allan M. Siegel filed a lawsuit against the owner of the Subway.

    Our client had a pre-existing degenerative condition in her knee which was aggravated by this fall. Following the fall she needed arthroscopic surgery to repair the knee. After extensive discovery, the case settled at mediation for $150,000.

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