No baseball, no NBA or NHL playoffs, but this is still The Season for Renewal!

by | May 14, 2020

 This is the time of the year many of us had looked forward to — March Madness, the start of baseball, the NBA & NHL playoffs, and even the Kentucky Derby. Surely those sporting events are fun for us, our families and friends.

         We are not able to watch those events this Spring – but guess what? It doesn’t matter because it is still SPRING!! Coinciding with Spring, we witnessed the blooming of the forsythia (with its vibrant yellow blooms, also known as the Easter tree), crocus, and then daffodils, with tulips, the wonderful cherry blossoms and, the queen of them all, the azaleas, to follow!  No one can disrupt the beauty and wonder of Spring.

         And with the advent of Spring, we are reminded that the season of renewal is upon us in all its glory. Although there will be no Easter parades or community spiritual celebrations, the powerful message of Easter enriches our spirit with the knowledge that even the most unimaginable obstacles can be overcome with faith in mankind and the kindness of man. Similarly, Passover, the remembrance of the Jewish people being freed from the bondage of slavery, shares the essence of Springtime renewal. In this season, the pillars of hope and faith will be our foundation for renewal, freedom and purpose. These pillars make us alive with promise of a future far greater than we could have envisioned. 

          Your Chaikin Sherman Cammarata & Siegel (CSCS) family knows in its heart that this is a season we will always remember. Why? Not because of the challenge this awful virus presented to all of us, but rather because, as the history books will tell the story, we came together as a community, and were resilient despite the pain, sorrow, and loss we sustained.

          We are certain WE WILL blossom when the winter of the virus is over, WE WILL marvel and enjoy life in ways we never have before, and WE WILL be a more beautiful community than ever before.

         Each of us at CSCS: Ira, Joe, Allan, Matthew, Stephen, Mindy, Erik, Kieran, Misty, Sandra, Sandy, Caroline, Nimaako, Pam, Tynea, Lynette & Sharice wish each of you a wonderful Spring and Holiday Season!  

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