What to Expect at a Deposition in an Auto Accident Lawsuit

by | Mar 14, 2014

A “deposition” is a regular feature of any high-value car accident lawsuit in Virginia. If you are not personally familiar with what a deposition is, you may have seen an example in the movie “The Social Network” (about the creation of Facebook).

At a deposition, a person with knowledge about facts of the case – one of the parties, or a witness – gives testimony under questioning from the opposing attorney. It is like being cross-examined in court, except there is no judge or jury. It generally takes place in a lawyer’s office, and a stenographer is present to record all of the questions and answers. A deposition is a sort of preview of what will happen at trial; the testimony generally doesn’t change (or else the person will be contradicted by their prior testimony, when at trial).

Northern Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

What can you expect at your deposition, in an auto accident case? Generally, the following areas will be explored:

  • Your background information (name, family, employment, educational history)
  • Your health history
  • How the collision happened
  • How you were injured
  • The course of your medical treatment
  • How you feel now

Your attorney (if you have one) will be present with you, in case any inappropriate questions are asked. Your attorney will also have the right to ask the Defendant questions (generally regarding how the collision occurred).

It is important to have an attorney by your side for these proceedings. If you have need of one because you were involved in a traffic collision, contact a Northern Virginia car accident lawyer at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel by calling (888) 887-4128 for a FREE consultation.

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