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  • Frequency of Drowning and Near-Drowning Incidents

    Posted By chaikinandsherman || 23-Oct-2008

    Drowning deaths number more than 8,000 per year with approximately 1,500 of these deaths occurring with children. In the toddler group of children, most incidents occur in bathtubs or swimming pools while in the adolescent group, most incidents occur in natural bodies of water. For every death from drowning, there are an estimated four individuals hospitalized as a result of near-drowning. Perhaps surprisingly, drowning deaths of children aged 1 month to 14 years is second only to motor vehicle accidents. In three states, Arizona, California and Florida, drowning is actually the greatest cause of death within that age group. Submersion related injuries are the fifth leading cause of accidental death in the United States in all age groups occurring approximately 2.5-3.5 per hundred thousand individuals. Unfortunately, true incidents of near-drowning cannot be accurately defined since many cases are not reported.

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